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How I went from bakery owner to Social Media Manager!

Jun 7, 2023

It wasn’t an easy decision to close my first business that I ran successfully for five years. In fact it was really hard, I grieved it for months (frankly, I still do). But it came at a time in my life that I wanted a fresh start with everything, you know how they do fire mitigation by doing controlled burns in forests, yeah kinda like that.

I was going through a divorce at the end of 2022 and felt that I needed to burn a few more things down to peel back layers and find out what I wanted in this next chapter.

I had baked professionally for almost 15 years, owned the bakery for 5 years and felt like that part of me was over. I closed down the business on its 5th anniversary, it was always my goal to make it 5 years, I’m proud to say I did that.

I thought back to all the reasons Ruby Jean was successful and it was a repeating theme; I was awesome at building the community, excelled on the social media front and was known for providing top notch product and customer service (hello, veteran in the hospitality industry).

It all started to make sense, my new business would be to offer social media management and content creation for small business. I would take my experience in the hospitality, my success from running my own socials and combine it into a business that other business owners could benefit from.

Since launching The Sunday Chatter, I’ve taken course after course from social media experts and have applied these learnings to my new business (actually wish I would have learned this stuff when I had the bakery) and couldn’t be more proud. Its all making so much sense!

Its never easy to start or close a business, but it is humbling and inspiring to get to do what you love and working for yourself will always be gold!



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